Use Your Experience to Help People Achieve Their Dreams

anna powersYou can use your experience to help people achieve their dreams.

Anna Powers is an example of how you can tap into your experience and knowledge to help someone else.

Anna achieved her dream of becoming an attorney, but a book became a thorn in her side that led her in a new direction.

Dan Miller’s book, 48 Days to the Work You Love, caught her attention. Anna purchased the book so she could prove you could not find work you love in only 48 days. It took her 7 years, after all, to become an attorney.

By the time Anna had finished reading the book, she realized the message in the book was true. And she was inspired to become a coach to help other people find work they loved.

As Anna transition from being an attorney to coaching other people, she realized how important her time and training as an attorney helped her help other people.

Nothing is wasted. Experience and knowledge from your past will propel you into your next adventure.

Take your own background and skills to build what you have now.

You don’t need to be an attorney or park ranger to bring your backstory into what you do today. Whatever your background is, you picked up skills you can bring forward to your new stage in life.

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Ann has created this Sales page template to help you create a sales page to give you a place to start.

You can find Anna Powers the web, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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