Tips on Joining a New Team

I am excited to have a special guest with me. Cassie Tucker is new to our team and is my assistant. She is a former Disney team member, entrepreneur, and business owner, and overall amazing person. We connected after she reached out to Lee Cockerell to work with us. It took four years, and we are grateful to have her on the team.

As someone who has worked on a wide range of teams, from retail to advertising agencies, Cassie has experience when it comes to joining new teams. She knows what she brings to the table: strategy, project management, collaboration, and a get it done attitude. But what do you need to do to successfully come onboard a new team?

Ask a lot of questions and be open to others teaching you. Be humble and really dial in on understanding how things work. Talk to everyone and familiarize yourself with other departments. Identify who to go to get the answers you need. Most companies have a “culture” they introduce to you when onboarding; however, culture is how they do things and how things get done in their unique setting.

Lastly, be willing to learn new skills. Seek out improving your own tool belt, and don’t be afraid to utilize resources beyond what is provided to you. Be ambitious, and don’t be afraid to seek out what you need to thrive.


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