Success Comes From the Work You Don’t See

success comes from work you don't see lori allenLori Allen and I have worked together for years on the Great Escape Radio Podcast.

Now, we have retired the podcast, but I wanted to share Lori’s incredible story with you.

Lori begins by talking about why it is difficult to tell your own story. So many of us can promote someone else but have trouble sharing our own story.

We don’t share our story because of the risk of being vulnerable and failing. Instead, we try to fit in by being like other people.

In this episode, you will also hear the unorthodox and surprising method Lori used to get a job.

Lori also shares the story of realizing there was a need in the marketing place and finding a way to solve the problem. Great Escape Publishing is the product of Lori understanding what people wanted and finding a way to provide it.

One of the best lessons you can learn from Lori is about what it takes to be successful. Success, quite often, is made by what you don’t see. You see the fruit of success, not everything someone did in the background to make it happen.

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Jody Maberry