Lessons From a Disney VIP Tour

lessons from a Disney VIP TourDisney VIP tours are a unique way to experience the theme parks.

My first VIP tour was in Disneyland. Not only did we get on more attractions than we would have otherwise because of the logistics of having a guide and the ability to get into FastPass lines, I learned more than I expected.

Our tour guide knew so much about Disneyland and Walt Disney. Nearly every ride, I learned a piece of history I would not have otherwise. She also had a story about topiaries, ticket booths, and the Tiki Room. It made for an exceptional day.

But during VIP tours, I learned some lessons.

Focus on Experiences. For people like me and you, a VIP allows us to feel like a celebrity for the day. For celebrities, a VIP tour allows them to experience the park like a normal person. In both cases, people are paying for the experience.

Make People Feel Special. This is the real charm of the VIP tours. A guide doesn’t just take you around the park, they make you feel special. Disney selects tour guides who are good with people with a focus on service. Of the four guides I have been on a VIP tour with, each one has been different which led to a completely different experience. But the one thing that has been the same is how they make you feel special.

Exclusive is Valuable. I admit, one of the cool things about a VIP tour is that not everyone else is on one. You feel like you are getting an exclusive experience you would not get otherwise. Exclusive is another form of entertainment and Disney does it well.

There are people who want more and are willing to pay for it. Most people are happy with your basic offering. But there are some people who are willing to pay more to get more products, better service, or more access to you. Offer them more and let them pay for it. It is a service.

Thank you to Lee Cockerell and Dan Cockerell for contributing to this episode.

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